Texas Fiddlers recorded prior to 1942 (or so)


As researched by Guthrie T. Meade

Jesse Ashlock (Feb 22, 1915 – Aug 9, 1976)
Walker Co., TX, to Denton Co., then Ft. Worth when 11)
1935-1941 commercial recordings
[Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys; Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers] Hence Barrow
Odessa, Ector Co., TX
John A. Lomax recordings for Archive of Folk Song, Odessa, TX 1942
AFS 5647 B2 Ragtime Annie
AFS 5647 B3 Chicken Reel
AFS 5652 A2 Flop-Eared Mule
AFS 5652 A3 Schottische
AFS 5673 A1 Rye Waltz
AFS 5673 A2 Turkey in the Straw
Sheldon Bennett (b. July 27, 1919 in DeRitter, La,
moved to Port Arthur, TX as child)
1938-1941 commercial recordings
[Hank Penny and His Radio Cowboys; Hi-Flyers] Nat Bird
Dallas, TX
1929 commercial recordings
[Nat Bird & Tom Collins] Hornpipe Medley / Medley of Old Fiddler’s Favorites (Br 376)
Moses J. Bonner (Mar 1 1847-Sep 2 1939)
born Franklin Co., AL, moved to TX in 1854 – Ft. Worth
1925 commercial recordings
Yearlings in the Canebreak; The Gal on the Log/ Dusty Miller; Ma Ferguson (Vi 19669)
Al Britz
Falfurrias, Brooke Co., TX
John A. Lomax recordings for Archive of Folk Song, Falfurrias, TX, 1941
fiddle duet with J.H. Heathcock
AFS 5638 A1 Durang’s Hornpipe
AFS 5638 A2 Widow Hayes
AFS 5638 B1 Leather Britches
AFS 5638 B2 Leather Britches
AFS 5638 B3 Fisher’s Hornpipe
AFS 5640 A1 Cotton-eyed Joe
AFS 5640 A2 Tom and Jerry
AFS 5640 B1 Brown Bowen
Cecil Brower (Nov 27, 1914)
Bowie, Montague Co., Tx
1934-1941 commercial recordings
[Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies; Bill Boyd’s Cowboy Ramblers; Lightcrust Doughboys] Cliff Bruner (ca. 1916)
Harris Co., Tx
1936-1941 commercial recordings
[Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies; Cliff Bruner and His Texas Wanderers; Cliff Bruner and His Boys] Alec Buckner
Lubbock, Lubbock Co., Tx
recorded for the Archive of Folk Song, Lubbock, Tx 1937 (band with square dance caller) [by John A. Lomax?] AFS 905 A Mississippi Sawyer
AFS 905 B Devil’s Dream
AFS 918 A Sally Johnson
AFS 918 B New Broom
AFS 932 A Nobody’s Sweetheart
AFS 947 A Eighth of January
AFS 047 B Soldier’s Joy
Milton Burnett
Throckmorton, Throckmorton Co., Tx
John A. Lomax recordings for Archive of Folk Song, Throckmorton, TX, Oct 1935
AFS 670 A2 Green Corn
Bernard Cartwright (ca. 1890s-Jun 20, 1955)
Knox Co., Tx; Boerne, Kendall Co., TX
1927-1934 commercial recordings
[Cartwright Brothers] Howard C. Cawley (Oct 14, 1900-ca. 1970s)
Bonham, Fannin Co., TX moved to OK in 1914
1929-1930 commercial recordings
[Jack Cawley’s Oklahoma Ridge Runners] Jack Cawley (Sep 14, 1898-Sep 1968)
Bonham, Fannin Co., TX moved to OK in 1914
1929-1930 commercial recordings
[Jack Cawley’s Oklahoma Ridge Runners] D.A. Champagne
1929 commercial recordings (recorded in El Paso)
[Rodeo Trio] J.R. Chatwell (ca. 1915)
Stamford, TX
1941 commercial recordings
[Adolph Hofner and San Antonians; Modern Mountaineers] William B. Chenoweth (Dec 1867)
Palestine, Anderson Co., Tx
1924-1926 commercial recordings
[Chenoweth’s Cornfield Symphony Orchestra; The Texas Fiddlin’ Wampus Cat and His Kittens] The Last Shot Got Him / Hot Foot, Step & Fetch It (OK 40246)
Big White Rooster and the Little Hen / Arkansas Wampus Cat (OK 45025)
Frolic of the Wampus Cat (Pm 331720
E. Ben Christian
Milam Co., Tx
1937-1940 commercial recordings
[Bar-X Cowboys] Robert Cook
Dallas, Tx (?)
1928 commercial recordings
[Robert Cook’s Old Time Fiddlers] Medley of Old-Time Fiddlers’ Favorites parts 1 &2 (Vo 5265)
[Mississippi Sawyer/Cowboy’s Quickstep/Soldier’s Joy/Hop Light Ladies/Arkansas Traveler/Sally Johnson/Sheep & the Hog Walking Through the Pasture/Turkey in the Straw/Billy in the Low Ground/Leather Breeches] J.B. Cranfill
[recorded with Eck Robertson] Audrey P. “Art” Davis (ca. 1912)
Dallas, TX
1934-1935 commercial recordings
[Bill Boyd’s Cowboy Ramblers; Roy Newman and His Boys] Link Davis
[Crystal Springs, TX?] 1937 commercial recordings
[Crystal Springs Ramblers] Springtown Shuffle (unissued)
Fort Worth Stomp (Vo 03646)
Tom Dickey
West Texas
1936-1938 commercial recordings
[Tune Wranglers; Tom Dickey’s Show Boys] J.D. Dillingham
near Austin, TX
John A Lomax recordings for Archive of Folk Song, Austin, 1935
AFS 567 A1 Sixteen Days in Georgia
AFS 567 A2 Turkey in the Straw
AFS 578 B1 The Scolding Wife
AFS 578 B2 Sally Johnson
Hugh Farr (Dec 6, 1903)
Llano, Llano Co. TX, moved to CA in 1925
1930-1941 Commercial recordings/radio fiddling
[Len Nash & His Country Boys; Sons of the Pioneers)
William “Bub” Glenn
Grapevine, Tarrant Co., TX
1930 commercial recording [Grapevine Coon Hunters] The Grapevine Waltz / The Droan Waltz (Br 584)
Frank Epps Goodwyn (Jun 28, 1911)
Alice, Jim Wells Co., TX
John A and Ruby T Lomax recording for Archive of Folk Song, 1939, Sarita, TX
AFS 2518 A1 Chinese Breakdown
Mrs. Lennie (Williams) Goodwyn (Jul 15 1886-Aug 26, 1958)
Ramirena, Live Oak Co., TX
John A Lomax recordings for Archive of Folk Song 1941, Hebbronville, TX
AFS 5622 A Walk Along John, To Kansas
AFS 5622 B1 Sandy Land
AFS 5622 B2 Thump the Devil’s Eye Out
AFS 5623 A1 Soft Soap (Nigger’s Wood-Pile)
AFS 5623 A2 Soldier’s Joy
AFS 5623 A3 El Gallo (The Rooster)
AFS 5623 B1 Rye Whiskey
AFS 5623 B2 Bonaparte’s Retreat
AFS 5623 B3 Take Me To the Graveyard
Jeff Guthrie
Pampa, TX
John A Lomax recordings for Archive of Folk Song, Sept 1942, Pampa, TX
AFS 6964 B1 Listen to the Mocking Bird
AFS 6964 B2 Grey Eagle
AFS 6964 B3 I’ll Remember You Love in My Prayers
AFS 6965 A1 Dying Cowboy
AFS 6966 A1 Roosters Crow For Midnight
AFS 6966 B1 Nameless Breakdown
AFS 6966 B2 Done Gone Breakdown
AFS 6967 B2 Old Judge Parker Take the Shackles Off Me
Leon “Lonnie” Hall
[TX?] 1935 commercial recordings
[Leon’s Lone Star Cowboys] Oscar Harper (d. ca. 1940s)
Terrell, Kaufman Co., TX
1928-1929 commercial recordings; 1942 AFS
Ragtime Annie (OK unissued)
Kelly Waltz / Bouquet Waltz (OK 45227)
She Gave Up/Sally Johnson (Vo 5403)
Dallas Bound/Terrell Texas Blues (OK 45420)
Twinkle Little Star/Bitter Creek (OK 45485)
Beaumont Rag/Billy On The Low Ground (Ok 45397)
John A Lomax recordings for Archive of Folk Song, Feb 1942, Dallas, TX
AFS 5645 A Girl I Left Behind Me
AFS 5646 A Sally Goodin
AFS 5646 B Bitter Creek
AFS 5647 A Girl I Left Behind Me
Joe Holley (?)
[TX?] 1937; 1942 commercial recordings
[Crystal Springs Ramblers; Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys] Carroll Hubbard (Jan 22 1919)
Weatherford & Ft. Worth, TX; Dallas, TX
1938 commercial recordings
[Bill Boyd’s Cowboy Ramblers] Joe Hughes
[TX] 1929 commercial recording
[Solomon & Hughes] Ragtime Annie/Sally Johnson (Vi 40244)
Jess Humphries (ca. 1889-Feb 1976)
White Mound, near Howe, TX, died in Burnet, Burnet Co., TX
1930 commercial recordings
[Humphries Brothers] Ragged Ann Rag/Good Old Summer Time (OK 45489)
Black and White Rag/St. Louis Tickle (OK 45464)
What Made the Wildcat Wild?/Sweet Bunch of Daisies (Ok45501)
After the Ball/Over the Waves (Sobre Las Olas) (Ok 45478)
Prince Albert Hunt (ca. 1901-Mar 21, 1931)
Terrell, Kaufman Co., TX
1928-1929 commercial recordings
[Prince Albert Hunt’s Texas Ramblers] Katy on Time/Blues in a Bottle (OK 45230)
Canada Waltz/Oklahoma Rag (OK 45360)
Waltz of the Roses/Wake Up Jacob (OK 45375)
Houston Slide (OK 45446)
Ragtime Annie (OK unissued)
Clifton S. “Sleepy” Johnson (ca. 1909)
Ft. Worth, TX
1938; 1940 commercial recordings
[Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys; Hi-Flyers] Marvin Richard Jones (ca. 1920-25)
Cypress, Harris Co., TX
1940 Commercial recordings
[Port Arthur Jubileers; Village Boys] Jones Stomp/Jeep’s Blues (De 5854)
Texas Star (De 5839
Pussywillow (De 5822)
A Paul Jones Dance (Bb 8717)
Tulsa Twist (De 5949)
Dempson Lewis (ca. 1881)
b. San Antonio, TX
1929 commercial recordings [Lewis Brothers] Bull At the Wagon/Sally Johnson (Vi 40172)
When Summer Comes Again/Caliope – Schottische (Vi 40187)
Otis J. Light (Jan 29 1892-Nov 10, 1980)
Llano Co., TX
John A Lomax recordings for Archive of Folk Song, Llano, TX, Jan 1937
AFS 899 A1 Liza Jane
AFS 899 A2 Old Joe Clark
AFS 899 B2 Whoa, Mule, Whoa (with JD Dillingham, bjo)
AFS 900 A1 True Battle of I Don’t Care (with James Light, bjo)
AFS 900 B1 Soldier’s Joy (with Vernon Light, fiddle)
AFS 901 A1 Breakdown with Calling (with JD Dillingham, bjo)
Capt. Charles H. McKinney
[resided in Dallas, TX] [steamboat man on the Forked Deer River in western Tennessee] 1929 commercial recordings “Capt. McKinney & E.L. Graham”
Give Me Back the Fifteen Cents / Soap Suds Over the Fence (OK unissued)
Evening Star Waltz/Kiss Waltz (OK unissued)
Ted Markle
Winnsboro, TX
1925 commercial recordings
Reel of Old Tunes/Long Horn Pipes/Indian Dance (all unissued)
Curt “Dott” Massey (May 3, 1910)
Midland Co., TX moved to Roswell, NW at age 6
1934-35 commercial recordings [The Westerners, and on WLS Barn Dance] Henry Austin “Dad” Massey (ca. 1866-ca.1949)
b. Cleveland Co., Ark, moved to Fannin Co., TX after 1880)
1935;1939 commercial recordings
[Dad Massey and Family; The Westerners; WLS Barn Dance] Tugboat & Pineywoods/Dixie Medley (ARC 7-03-53)
Durang’s Hornpipe/Ragtime Annie (ARC 6-11-53)
Done Gone/Sailor’s Hornpipe (ARC unissued)
Kasoos Hornpipe/Rochester Schottische/El Capitan/New Roswell Schottische (all unissued)
Andrew J. Mears (d. ca. 1973-74) [possibly the same as J.A. “Jack” Meyers] Austin, TX [also spelled Miers in Meade tape purchase, and in Lomax’s AFS Checklist] SSDI, Andrew Mears, b. Nov 19, 1892; d Aug 1975, Mansfield, Tarrant Co.
Recorded by John A Lomax for Archive of Folk Song, Oct 1935, Austin TX with J.D. Dillingham on banjo[[ SSDI Jefferson D Dillingham, Nov 25 1898 d. Austin, May 5, 1998. and another Jefferson D Dillingham b. in 1867
AFS 537 B1 Fiddle Tune
AFS 540 A1 Breakdown Number 1
AFS 540 A2 Breakdown Number 2
AFS 540 B1 Breakdown N umber 3
AFS 540 B2 Breakdown Number 4
AFS 543 A1 Arkansas Traveler
AFS 543 A2 Durant Hornpipe
AFS 543 A3 Raggedy Ann
Feb 1936 for John A Lomax and Archive of Folk Song:
A.J. Mears, fiddle; J.D. Dillingham, banjo; J.W. Mears, piano
AFS 623 A1 Dusty Miller
AFS 623 A2 Rickett’s Hornpipe
Jess Morris (ca. 1878-ca.1953)
Vega, TX
John A Lomax recordings for Archive of Folk Song, May 3, 1942, Dallas, TX
AFS 5648 A Unfortunate Dog, or Stony Point, with parts of Cackling Hen
AFS 5649 B Rye Whiskey
Goodbye Old Paint
Jesse Elmo Newcomer
Pipe Creek, Bandera Co., TX
John A. Lomax recordings for Archive of Folk Song, Pipecreek, TX, May 3, 1939
AFS 2632 A1 Cotton-eyed Joe
AFS 2632 A2 Mabel
AFS 2632 B Turkey in the Straw
AFS 2633 A1 Old Gray Mare
AFS 2634 A1 Blue-Eyed Susie
AFS 2634 A2 Unfortunate Puppy
AFS 2634 B Rye Whiskey
Fiddlin’ Jim Pate
[TX] 1929 commercial recording
Prisoner Boy/Texas Farewell (Vi 40170)
Samuel Morgan Peacock (Apr 12, 1877-July 12, 1932)
Cleburne, Johnson Co., TX
1928-1929 commercial recordings: Smith’s Garage Fiddle Band
Done Gone/Cuban Two-Step Rag (Vo 5287)
Beaumont Rag/Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Vo 5268)
Rag Time Annie/Dill Pickle Rag (Vo 5306)
Miss Iola/Lime Rock (Vo 5336)
The Gray Eagle/Tom and Jerry (Vo 5375)
Kenneth Pitts (ca. 1914)
Ft. Worth, TX
1938-1941 commercial recordings
[Lightcrust Doughboys; Bill Boyd’s Cowboy Ramblers] Lake N. Porter
Falfurrias, TX
John A and Ruby T Lomax recordings for Archive of Folk Song, Falfurrias, TX, Apr 1939
AFS 2619 B1 Lady in the Center and Three Hands Round
AFS 2619 B2 Black Jack Grove
AFS 2620 A1 Old Cacklin’ Hen
AFS 2620 A2 The Lost Girl
AFS 2620 B1 Billy in the Low Ground
AFS 2620 B2 Sally Goodin
Lewis H. Propps
Pleasanton, TX
John A Lomax recordings for Archive of Folk Song, Pleasanton, TX, Jan 1936
AFS 558 A Bucking Mule, Whoa Mule
AFS 558 B Rye Whiskey
AFS 570 A1 Old Fashioned Indian War Whoop
AFS 570 A2 Lost Indian
AFS 570 A3 Louisiana Nigger
AFS 570 B3 Gray Eagle
AFS 620 A Sally Goodin
AFS 620 B Cacklin’ Hen
AFS 660 A2 Goodbye, Old Paint
AFS 660 B2 Indian War Whoop
Robert James “Buddy” Ray
[TX?] 1940 commercial recordings [Texas Wanderers; Modern Mountaineers] Alexander Campbell “Eck” Robertson (Nov 20, 1887-ca 1970s)
born in Ark moved to TX panhandle in 1890, settled in Amarillo after his marriage
1922-1922 commercial recordings
Arkansas Traveler/Sallie Gooden (with Henry Gilliland, f) (Vi 18956)
Apple Blossom/Forked Deer (with Henry Gilliland) (Vi unissued)
Turkey in the Straw (with Henry Gilliland)/Ragtime Annie (Vi 19149)
Brilliancy & Cheatum/General Logan; Dominion Hornpipe (Vi unissued)
Sally Johnson; Billy in the Low Ground/Done Gone (Vi 19372)
Texas Wagoner/Brown Skin Girl Down the Road Somewhere (Vi 40145)
Amarillo Waltz/Brilliancy Medley [Drunken Billy Goat, Bill Cheatum/Old Billy Wilson] (Vi 40298)
Brown Kelly Waltz parts 1 & 2 (Vi 40334)
Great Big ‘Taters in Sandy Lan’/Run, Boy, Run (Vi 40205)
Apple Blossom (Vi unissued)
The Arkansas Traveler/Sally Goodin (Vi unissued)
Hugh Roden (May 26, 1891-Mar 7, 1966)
Paris, Lamar Co., TX
1929-1930 commercial recordings
[Hugh Roden & the Texas Nighthawks; Texas Night Hawks; Hugh Roden & Roy Rogers] Possum Rag/Crazy Rag (OK 45363)
Deep Sea Waltz/Sweetheart Waltz (OK 45430)
Tulsa Waltz/Spanish Waltz (Ok 45465)
Hogs in the Potato Patch (Ok 45540)
Dogs in the Barnyard/Brown Kelly Waltz (OK unissued/test)
Chicken in the Garden/Lost Indian (OK unissued)
Clinton Swathoff (ca. 1909-ca. 1960s)
Medina Co., TX, raised in Bandera Co.
John A and Ruby T Lomax recordings for the Archive of Folk Song, Bandera, TX ,May 1939 [with Otis Evans, guitar and Elmo Newcomer, calls] AFS 2635 A Fox and Hounds
AFS 2635 B1 Fox and Hounds
AFS 2635 B2 Eeph Caught a Rabbit
AFS 2636 A1 Wagoner
AFS 2636 A2, B Wagoner
AFS 2639 A2 The Fox and Hounds (with J.O. Evans, g; Charles Eckhart, horn/vcl)
Leonard Seago
[TX?] 1938 commercial recordings [Tune Wranglers; Ted Daffan & His Texans] Robert George “Bob” Skiles (Sept 23, 1888-ca. 1964)
b. Kansas, moved to San Antonio, TX in 1926
1928 commercial recordings [Bob Skiles’ Four Old Timers; KTSA radio San Antonio] Wagner/Varsovienne (OK 45423)
Uncle Bob’s Favorite/Casey Jones (OK 45225)
Medley – Schottische/Rye Waltz (Ok 45211)
Ervin Solomon (Jan 2, 1902)
Johnson Co., TX
1929 commercial recording [Solomon & Hughes] Ragtime Annie/Sally Johnson (Vi 40244)
Albert L. Steely (ca. Oct 1871)
Tallalaga Co., TX
1928-1930 commercial recordings [Red Headed Fiddlers] Never Alone Waltz/Texas Quickstep (Br 285)
Texas Waltz/Ragtime Annie (Br 388)
St. Jobe’s Waltz/Fatal Wedding (Br 460)
Cheat ‘Em/Far in the Mountain (Br 470)
Paddy on the Handcar/The Steeley Rag (Br 526)
Wagoner’s Hornpipe/Johnson Grass Rag (Br unissued)
James E. Thomason
Waco, McLennan Co. TX
1936 commercial recordings [Doug Bine & His Dixie Ramblers] Ramblers Stomp/Wild (Bb 6705)
Roseland Waltz (Bb 7039)
Benny Thomasson (Apr 22, 1909)
Runnels Co., TX
1929 commercial recording [Thomasson Brothers] Scolding Wife/Star Waltz (OK unissued)
Gernie Bill “Pat” Trotter (Nov 3, 1904)
Italy, Ellis Co., TX
1941 commercial recordings [Sons of the West] Sally’s Got a Wooden Leg/Panhandle Shuffle (OK 06587)
Daniel Huggins Williams (Sept 13, 1900)
Lindale, Wood Co. TX
1927-1937 commercial recordings [East Texas Serenaders] Sweetest Flower Waltz/Combination Waltz (Co 15229)
Acorn Stomp/Shannon Waltz (Br 282)
Deacon Jones/Aldeline Waltz (Br 298)
Dream Shadows/Babe (Br 453)
Meadow Brook Waltz/Three-in-One Two Step (Br 379)
McKinney Waltz
Louisa Waltz/Ozark Rag (Br 538)
Gulf Breeze Waltz/Mineola Waltz (Br 562)
Del Rio Waltz/East Texas Drag (De 5347)
Beaumont Rag/Serenader’s Waltz (De 5408)
Fiddlin’ the Fiddle/German Waltz (De 5541)
Say a Little Prayer For Me/Sweetest Flower Waltz (De 5458)
Arizona Stomp/Shannon Waltz (De5375)
James Robert “Bob” Wills (Mar 6, 1905-May 13, 1975)
Kosse, Limestone Co. TX, moved in 1913 to Memphis, Hall Co.
1929-1942 commercial recordings [Jim Bob Wills & Herman Arnspiger; Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys]