NAT Survey Index

Vol.TrackUnissued?Track titleArtist
Preview1The Merrimac at SeaAlmeda Riddle
Preview2The Lady GayBuell Kazee
Preview3Kitty PussBuddy Thomas
Preview4StormDwight Lamb
Preview5No Sorrow will Be ThereOla Belle Reed
Preview6My Heart Is Broke Since Thy DepartureTheresa Morrison
Preview7Old Aunt AdkinsSnake Chapman
Preview8God Don't Like UglySam Chatmon
Preview9Newsy WomenNimrod Workman
Preview10McKinley MarchFields Ward
Preview11Wink the Other EyeLonnie Robertson
Preview12I Tickled Her Under the ChinAsa Martin
Preview13Old Age Pension CheckNova and Lavonne Baker
Preview14The Jam on Gerry's RocksWash Nelson
Preview15The Dying CowboyHobert Stallard
Preview16Make Me a Cowboy Again for a DayGlenn Ohrlin
Preview17Hold to God's Unchanging HandE.C. and Orna Ball
Preview18God Moves in a WindstormSarah Gunning and Jim Garland
Preview19Tally Ho!Blanche Coldiron
Preview20Old Bill Rolling PinBessie Jones and Schoolchildren
Preview21GalleynipperJ.P. Fraley
Preview22BostonyRoger Cooper
Preview23PiedmontArt Galbraith
Preview24Sourwood MountainBob Holt and Bill Conley
Preview25New Market ReelJerry Holland
Preview26Jenny's Welcome to CharliePaddy Cronin
Preview27The Bee's Wing HornpipeCarl MacKenzie
Preview28The Bell Piano StrathspeyTheresa and Marie MacLellan
Preview29UGood Morning This MorningNimrod Workman
Preview30Cowboy, Go UnionVan Holyoak
Vol 11The Brisk Young FarmerAlmeda Riddle
Vol 12Button Willow TreeGlenn Ohrlin
Vol 13Lord DanielNimrod Workman
Vol 14UThe Little MoheeE.C. Ball
Vol 15UBetsy Over the MainHessie Cruise Scott
Vol 16ULord LovelGracie Baker
Vol 17Hard TimesMary Lozier
Vol 18The Miller's WillOla Belle Reed
Vol 19UOne Morning in MaySarah Gunning
Vol 110The NightingaleHobert Bowling
Vol 111Last May MornWash Nelson
Vol 112Captain DevinSarah Gunning
Vol 113UHouse CarpenterFields Ward
Vol 114Crawling and CreepingAsa Martin
Vol 115Crawling and CreepingJim Garland
Vol 116UTrue LoveRoscoe Holcomb
Vol 117UThe Drunkard's DreamWash Nelson
Vol 118Young EdwardDora Mae Wagers
Vol 119Young EdwardNimrod Workman
Vol 120My Bonnie Black BessGlenn Orhlin
Vol 121UThere's a Wild Hog on this MountainJim Garland
Vol 122UThere Was a BrideHessie Cruise Scott
Vol 123Barbara AllenPhilip Kazee
Vol 124Kate's HornRay Hilt
Vol 125UThe Lexington MurderFields Ward
Vol 126Lady MargaretAlmeda Riddle
Vol 127UPretty PollyE.C. Ball
Vol 21UCottonwood ReelJoe Cormier
Vol 22MonymuskTheresa Morrison
Vol 23UMoney MuskHiram Allen
Vol 24Money MuskSnake Chapman
Vol 25UMoney MuskGerry Robichaud
Vol 26Piney Woods GirlJerry Lundy
Vol 27UKaty HillJim Herd
Vol 28UKaty HillRoger Cooper
Vol 29UKaty HillGene Goforth
Vol 210URocky Mountain GoatVan Kidwell
Vol 211UGrand HornpipeGeorge Hawkins
Vol 212URocky Mountain GoatEarl Thomas, Jr
Vol 213Rocky Mountain GoatOmar Hooks
Vol 214UThe MallardDoug MacPhee
Vol 215UElectric HornpipeTommy Doucet
Vol 216URicketts' HornpipeBert Garvin
Vol 217USheeps and Hogs Walking Through the PastureBuddy Thomas
Vol 218ULamplighter's HornpipeSnake Chapman
Vol 219USpanish FandangoJim Beeler
Vol 220UItalian MarchJohn Lozier
Vol 221UApple Butter RagBlair Reedy and E.C. Ball
Vol 222UThe Grapevine TwistLem Isom
Vol 223UOver the WavesJ.P. Fraley
Vol 224Gigue des MilitairesDwight Lamb
Vol 225UJohnny Can't DanceThe Balfa Brothers
Vol 226UPacific SlopeEd Mahoney
Vol 227UCascade BrookGerry Robichaud
Vol 228Moccasin Two StepJoe Robichaud
Vol 229Indian ReelGraham Townsend
Vol 230The Braes of AuchtertyreTheresa Morrison
Vol 231The Braes of AuchertyreBuddy MacMaster
Vol 232UThe Braes of AuchtertyrePaddy Cronin
Vol 233Billy in the LowgroundBuddy Thomas
Vol 234USaddle the PonyPaddy Cronin and Mary Irwin
Vol 235UDad's Schottische #2Ray Hilt
Vol 236UDanish SchottischeChris Jerup
Vol 237UDanish Waltz #2Dwight Lamb
Vol 238Beul IosaitJoe Peter MacLean
Vol 239UHumphrey's JigGeorge Hawkins
Vol 240USally GrowlerDonald MacLellan
Vol 241Sally GrowlerRoger Cooper
Vol 242UButterfly HornpipeRobin Kessinger
Vol 243UMatches Under the HillAlva Greene
Vol 244The Old Bog HoleJoe MacLean
Vol 245UTurkey in the StrawLonnie Robertson
Vol 246Natchez Under the HillBob Walters
Vol 31Where the Wild, Wild Flowers GrowOla Belle Reed
Vol 32The Yew Piney MountainsWilson Douglas
Vol 33Wild Rose of the MountainJ.P. and Annadeene Fraley
Vol 34Mister BartenderSarah Gunning
Vol 35UMy Little Black CapDora Mae Wagers
Vol 36UCaledonia's Wail for Niel GowWilfred Prosper
Vol 37Little BessieBuell Kazee
Vol 38The Lonesome DoveSarah Gunning
Vol 39I Am a Man of Constant SorrowAlmeda Riddle
Vol 310UWhile Passing Through a GardenNimrod and Mollie Workman
Vol 311UThe Waltz of No ReturnThe Balfa Brothers
Vol 312ULa DelgadinaGlenn Ohrlin
Vol 313Oh, DeathNimrod Workman
Vol 314Old Banjo TuneManon Campbell
Vol 315Meg GrayGeorge Hawkins
Vol 316Jeannie Caruthers' MarchAlex Francis MacKay
Vol 317The Death of Edward HawkinsEarl Barnes
Vol 318Got a Little Home to Go ToBob Holt
Vol 319Fathers Have a Home Sweet HomeE.C. Ball and the Friendly Gospel Singers
Vol 320UThe Blind ManBuell Kazee
Vol 321Blind Man's SongAlva Greene
Vol 322Flannery's DreamEmma Lee Dickerson
Vol 323The Village ChurchyardRoscoe Holcomb
Vol 324UJohnnie CopeEddie Irwin
Vol 41UBrickyard JoeGeorge Hawkins
Vol 42UJawboneGene Goforth
Vol 43URun, Johnnie, RunShirley Kline and Charlie Kinney
Vol 44Poor Boy Long Ways from HomePhilip Kazee
Vol 45Black Dress BluesNimrod Workman
Vol 46DittyLeonard Emanuel
Vol 47UIn the PinesNova Baker and Lila Vanover
Vol 48UOn My Way Back HomeAsa Martin
Vol 49Bring Me Back my Hodi CakeSnake Chapman
Vol 410UBoat's Up the RiverOla Belle Reed
Vol 411UTrain that Carried my Girl from TownFields Ward
Vol 412UDay Long BluesSam Chatmon
Vol 413UGreen CornNoel Scott
Vol 414UHot CornAsa Martin and Jim Gaskin
Vol 415UMandyAlmeda Riddle
Vol 416John HardyBuell Kazee
Vol 417Possum Up a 'Simmon TreeBuddy Thomas
Vol 418URock AndySnake Chapman
Vol 419Lost JohnJim Gaskin and the Cumberland Rangers
Vol 420ULost JohnSnake Chapman
Vol 421StackoleeBert Garvin
Vol 422Look Up, Look Down that Lonesome RoadBuell Kazee
Vol 423UAll Night LongSam Chatmon
Vol 424UDrunk Man's BluesVan Kidwell
Vol 425Lay Your Good Money DownArt Galbraith
Vol 426SadieAlton Jones
Vol 427URough and ReadyRoger Cooper
Vol 428Riley and SpencerFields Ward
Vol 429Nobody's Business but My OwnHenry Hurley
Vol 430UFunky ButtRaymond Campbell
Vol 431UGambling BluesPhillip Kazee
Vol 432UGuitar BluesPaul Smith
Vol 433Frankie and JohnnyRoscoe Holcomb
Vol 434UCalifornia BluesE.C. Ball
Vol 435UCarroll County BluesLonnie Robertson
Vol 51The Bells of AmericaDwight Lamb
Vol 52UEast VirginiaBuell Kazee
Vol 53On Greenland MountainAsa Martin and the Cumberland Rangers
Vol 54UShortening BreadHobert Bowling
Vol 55Old Virginia GalsMary Lozier
Vol 56UCumberland GapSnake Chapman
Vol 57I Come from West VirginiaDixon Sisters
Vol 58Walking in the ParlorVernon and Zora Judd
Vol 59A Comical DittyAlmeda Riddle
Vol 510UDr. Ginger BlueJim Garland
Vol 511Dr. Ginger BlueAsa Martin and the Cumberland Rangers
Vol 512Come All You Men and MaidensWash Nelson
Vol 513UCripple Creek/ Old Joe ClarkBlanche Coldiron
Vol 514UOld Joe ClarkFields Ward
Vol 515UCripple CreekBuell Kazee
Vol 516UThe Brushy Fork of John's CreekSnake Chapman
Vol 517UWild Bill JonesPhilip Kazee
Vol 518UDown in the Willow GardenE.C. Ball
Vol 519UDown in the Willow GardenAlva Greene
Vol 520UOld SmokeyRoscoe Holcomb
Vol 521Harlan County TragedyAsa Martin and the Cumberland Rangers
Vol 522Poor Ellen SmithAnnadeene Fraley
Vol 523UPoor Ellen SmithPaul Smith and Bert Hatfield
Vol 524UEllen FlanneryLila Vanover and Nova Baker
Vol 525UHouse Burning in Carter CountyNimrod Workman
Vol 526The Orphan GirlBuell Kazee
Vol 527The Death of J.B. MarcumAsa Martin
Vol 528UBlackberry BlossomAlva Greene
Vol 529Garfield MarchRay Hilt
Vol 530Jay Gould's DaughterBuell Kazee
Vol 531UEveryday DirtFields Ward
Vol 532Sam's RagSam Chatmon
Vol 533UI'm Glad My Wife's in EuropeDixon Sisters
Vol 534UThat Crazy WarE.C. Ball
Vol 535UI Wonder Where My SweetieÕs Gone TonightAsa Martin
Vol 61Monkey on a StringSnake Chapman and Paul Smith
Vol 62Sally Come Down the MiddleNoel Scott
Vol 63UThe Sweet Sunny SouthPerry Riley
Vol 64UBanjo Picking GirlDora Mae Wagers
Vol 65UHard Times, Come Again No MoreE.C. Ball
Vol 66Leaving Dear Old IrelandFields and Nancy Ward
Vol 67Rock all the Babies to SleepLonnie Robertson
Vol 68UYou'd Better Get out of the WaySnake Chapman
Vol 69UOld Baldy Kicking UpSnake Chapman and Bob Blackburn
Vol 610Way Down on the Mingo FarmBessie Jones and the Georgia Sea Islands Singers
Vol 611UShe's a Flower from the Fields of AlabamaJim Gaskin and the Cumberland Rangers
Vol 612UShe Ain't Built that WayAsa Martin
Vol 613UPeekabooBlanche Coldiron
Vol 614UPeekaboo WaltzHomer Sherrill and Snuffy Jenkins
Vol 615UI'll Be with You When the Roses Bloom AgainGene and Margie York
Vol 616UThe Letter Edged in BlackEddie Crain
Vol 617UMidnight SerenadeRoger Cooper
Vol 618UDown in the Lehigh ValleyHessie Cruise Scott
Vol 619ULula WallsGarnett Peacock
Vol 620UAbdul Abulbul AmirGlenn Ohrlin
Vol 621Sweet BirdFields Ward
Vol 622BirdieJ.P. and Annadeene Fraley
Vol 623ULittle Rosewood CasketE.C. Ball
Vol 624UBury Me Beneath the WillowAlmeda Riddle
Vol 625Fishing BluesSam Chatmon
Vol 626UWhistling RufusGeorge Hawkins
Vol 627Whistling RufusPaul Smith
Vol 628Forty DropsHowe Teague
Vol 629UTrombone RagBob Walters
Vol 630I Don't Love NobodyHomer Sherrill and Snuffy Jenkins
Vol 631Where the Silv'ry Colorado Wends its WayAnnadenne Fraley
Vol 632U*Come Take a Trip in My AirshipEd and Ella Haley
Vol 633The Tattooed LadySmokey Rogers
Vol 634Sugarfoot RagE.C. Ball
Vol 635UIn the MoodBob Holt and Jim Beeler
Vol 71Johnny the BlacksmithPaul Smith
Vol 72UThe Wreck of the Old Ninety-SevenE.C. Ball
Vol 73The Brokedown BrakemanAlmeda Riddle
Vol 74Jimmy in the SwampsDwight Lamb
Vol 75Working on this Old RailroadNimrod Workman
Vol 76The Little Stream of WhiskeyFields Ward
Vol 77"One More Trip," Said the Sleepy DriverJim Garland
Vol 78UCoal Creek MarchEarl Barnes with the Cumberland Rangers
Vol 79Coal CreekManon Campbell
Vol 710UNumber NineAlva Greene
Vol 711Mother Jones's WillNimrod Workman
Vol 712UJohn HenryBlanche Coldiron
Vol 713UJohn HenryEarl Thomas Jr and Billy Stamper
Vol 714UCounty Road GangFields Ward
Vol 715UI Looked at the SunFields Ward
Vol 716The Highway ManAsa Martin
Vol 717UK.C. Brakeman's BluesBob Holt
Vol 718Al BowenAlmeda Riddle
Vol 719The Death of Harry SimmsJim Garland
Vol 720Swannanoa TunnelRoscoe Holcomb
Vol 721Roll On, Buddy, Roll OnPaul Smith
Vol 722URoll On, JohnBuell Kazee
Vol 723UJohanna, Go Row the BoatBessie Jones
Vol 724UEmma, You My DarlingBessie Jones
Vol 725The Days of '49Glenn Ohrlin
Vol 726U*The Big Rock Candy MountainEd and Ella Haley
Vol 727I Believe I'll Sell This Farm, Jane AnnJim Garland
Vol 728UThe Housewife's LamentMary Lozier
Vol 729Single GirlRoscoe Holcomb
Vol 730UThe White SlaveJim Garland
Vol 731USharecropper's BluesAlton Jones
Vol 732I've Got the WhiskeySam Chatmon
Vol 733UI've Been a MoonshinerPhilip Kazee
Vol 734Boomer JohnsonGlenn Ohrlin
Vol 735UMy Name is Sanford BarneyEddie Crain
Vol 736UThe Workers Are a MovingSarah Gunning
Vol 737I Hate the Capitalist SystemSarah Gunning
Vol 81ULime RockJ.P. Fraley
Vol 82The Texas CowboyGlenn Ohrlin
Vol 83My Little White HatDixon Sisters
Vol 84UCole YoungerEddie Crain
Vol 85The Gol-durned WheelVan Holyoak
Vol 86UDrunken HiccoughsAlva Greene
Vol 87Lost IndianPaul Smith
Vol 88The Roving CowboyBuell Kazee
Vol 89Fraley's LamentJ.P. Fraley
Vol 810The Ranger's CommandOla Belle Reed
Vol 811UThe Cowboy's MeditationLonnie Robertson and Roy McGeorge
Vol 812The High-Toned DanceGlenn Ohrlin
Vol 813UWalk Along, JohnViolet Hensley
Vol 814Bury Me Not on the Lone PrairieFields Ward
Vol 815Silver JackVan Holyoak
Vol 816UPunching the DoughEddie Crain
Vol 817UThe Top HandGlenn Ohrlin
Vol 818UWhen the Work's All Done this FallHobert Stallard
Vol 819Custer's Last Fierce ChargeAlmeda Riddle
Vol 820My Home in the WestJim Garland
Vol 821UAcross the Rocky MountainsRoscoe Holcomb
Vol 822UHigh Chin BobGlenn Ohrlin
Vol 823UUtah CarlVan Holyoak
Vol 824UCattle in the CaneSnake Chapman
Vol 825UThe Strawberry RoanEddie Crain
Vol 826The Castration of the Strawberry RoanGlenn Ohrlin
Vol 91I'm a Long Time Traveling Here BelowAlmeda Riddle
Vol 92UThe Old Account Was Settled Long AgoE.C. Ball and the Friendly Gospel Singers
Vol 93Keys to the KingdomFrancis Gillum
Vol 94UThe Unclouded DayHobert Bowling
Vol 95UThe Bible Tells Me SoBert Garvin
Vol 96UHow Firm a FoundationE.C. Ball
Vol 97UJonahSarah Gunning
Vol 98There Was a Man in Ancient TimesMary Lozier
Vol 99UBefore this Time Another YearBessie Jones and the Georgia Sea Island Singers
Vol 910UPoor Wayfaring StrangerRoscoe Holcomb
Vol 911Little MosesE.C. and Orna Ball
Vol 912UDon't You Hear the Savior Calling?Perry Riley
Vol 913Little David, Play on Your HarpNimrod and Mollie Workman
Vol 914The Cowboy's PrayerVan Holyoak
Vol 915UThe Babe of BethlehemAlmeda Riddle
Vol 916UI'm Going Back with Jesus When He ComesMollie Workman
Vol 917Robinson CrusoeJim Garland
Vol 918UWatch and PrayFields and Nancy Ward
Vol 919The Ninety and NineOla Belle Reed
Vol 920No Tears in HeavenE.C. Ball and the Friendly Gospel Singers
Vol 921The Hell Bound TrainGlenn Ohrlin
Vol 922The Stone that Was Hewn Out of the MountainNimrod and Mollie Workman
Vol 923Missionary SongsSarah Gunning
Vol 924UThe Dying CalifornianAlmeda Riddle
Vol 925UKeep on the Firing LineE.C. Ball and the Friendly Gospel Singers
Vol 101UWhoopee, Liza JaneJ.P. Fraley
Vol 102UI Love My Little RoosterBlanche Coldiron
Vol 103UMississippi SawyerVernon and Zora Judd with Travis Wells and Asa Martin
Vol 104UThe Turtle Dove Done Drooped its WingBessie Jones and the Georgia Sea Island Singers
Vol 105Go In and Out the WindowSarah Gunning and Jim Garland
Vol 106Go In and Out the WindowSnake Chapman
Vol 107UO'er the Isles to AmericaBlanche Sophocleous and Theresa MacLellan
Vol 108UI Love Little WillieDewey Balfa
Vol 109The Old Gray MarePhilip Kazee
Vol 1010UGo Tell Aunt NancyAlmeda Riddle
Vol 1011UThe Barefoot Boy with Boots OnRoger Cooper
Vol 1012UToad Rode up to Miss MousieÕs DoorLila Vanover
Vol 1013In Come a BeeSnake Chapman
Vol 1014UGreen GravelSarah Gunning
Vol 1015URich RatsEmma Prewitt
Vol 1016USusie, Little Susie / Marching Around the SchoolMildred Tucker
Vol 1017UFox ChaseJohn Lozier
Vol 1018UOzark Fox ChaseHowe Teague
Vol 1019ULittle Katy LarkinBlanche Coldiron
Vol 1020UThe Swapping SongBuell Kazee
Vol 1021UOld Zeke PerkinsFields Ward
Vol 1022UThe Shade of the Old Apple TreeVan Holyoak
Vol 1023UJohnson's Old Gray MuleNoel Scott
Vol 1024USourwood MountainJ.P. Fraley and Bert Garvin
Vol 1025Sourwood MountainPaul Smith and Bert Hatfield
Vol 1026UGet Along My Giddy Giddy GalGene and Margie York
Vol 1027Open that BookSam Chatmon
Vol 1028UThe Ten CommandmentsNimrod and Mollie Workman
Vol 1029UCluck Old HenBlair Reedy and E.C. Ball
Vol 1030UCluck Old HenPaul Smith and Snake Chapman
Vol 1031UPaper of Pins/ Brian O'Lynne/ Old Man at the MillMary Lozier
Vol 1032UTania Had A PartyBessie Jones and Schoolchildren
Vol 1033UThe Hot CanaryTommy Doucet
Vol 1034The Yellow PupsPhilip Kazee
Vol 1035UThe War is RagingNova Baker and Lila Vanover
Vol 1036UJack the MuleBlanche Coldiron
Vol 1037UBlackeyed SusieViolet Hensley
Vol 111ULeather BritchesJ.P. and Annadeene Fraley
Vol 112USally GoodinJ.P. and Annadeene Fraley
Vol 113Sail Away LadiesJ.P. and Annadeene Fraley
Vol 114Mud FenceJ.P. Fraley
Vol 115UPretty Girl Going Down the RiverAlva Greene
Vol 116UBonaparte's Retreat and ChargeAlva Greene
Vol 117UClucking MaryAlva Greene
Vol 118UGray EagleAlva Greene
Vol 119USalt RiverEmma Lee Dickerson
Vol 1110Elzic's FarewellWilson Douglas
Vol 1111USomething Sweet to TellRay Hilt
Vol 1112UCaptain of the FlatsForrest Pick
Vol 1113UTurkey in the Pea PatchBuddy Thomas
Vol 1114UBilly in the LowgroundRoger Cooper
Vol 1115UBell CowPerry Riley
Vol 1116UIndian NationPerry Riley
Vol 1117UBoatin' up SandyBob Prater
Vol 1118UMartha CampbellBob Prater
Vol 1119UWagonerBob Prater
Vol 1120UStriking Matches under the CliffCharlie Kinney
Vol 1121UWalking CoonCharlie Kinney
Vol 1122UBright Summer DaySam McCord
Vol 1123UBig Indian HornpipeGeorge Hawkins
Vol 1124UPaddy, Bake Your Hoecakes BrownGeorge Hawkins
Vol 1125UWalk Along JohnGeorge Hawkins
Vol 1126UOld Dan TuckerAlfred Bailey
Vol 1127UTexas SchottischeHarold Zimmerman
Vol 1128URocky PalletTommy Taylor
Vol 1129UBoatin' Up SandyVan Kidwell
Vol 1130UCumberland BluesVan Kidwell
Vol 1131UHook and LineVernon and Zora Judd
Vol 1132UWagonerTravis Wells
Vol 1133UEverybody's FavoriteLella Todd
Vol 1134ULella's TuneLella Todd
Vol 1135UMoll and FanEarl Thomas Jr
Vol 1136UWagonerEarl Thomas Jr and Billy Don Stamper
Vol 1137UPretty PollyHobert Bowling
Vol 1138UUntitled Banjo TuneHobert Bowling
Vol 1139UForked DeerSnake Chapman
Vol 1140UBingySnake Chapman
Vol 1141USlim Miller's BluesSnake Chapman
Vol 1142UDusty MillerSnake Chapman
Vol 1143UMole in the GroundPaul Smith
Vol 1144UPond CreekPaul Smith
Vol 1145UDarling HoneyPaul Smith
Vol 121UThe Devil's HornpipeGene Goforth
Vol 122UDrunken Billy GoatGene Goforth
Vol 123UFiddler's HornpipeGene Goforth
Vol 124UGet Away from the FederalsGene Goforth
Vol 125ULost GooseAudrey Handle
Vol 126ULafayetteHowe Teague
Vol 127URocky PalletBob Holt
Vol 128UThe Blue MuleBob Holt
Vol 129ULonesome Polly AnnBob Holt
Vol 1210UStump Tail HenBill Conley
Vol 1211UWolves A-HowlingBill Conley
Vol 1212UWolves A-HowlingStan Jackson
Vol 1213USugar HillStan Jackson
Vol 1214UGive the Fiddler a DramJim Herd
Vol 1215UForked DeerJim Herd
Vol 1216USmith WaltzJim Herd
Vol 1217UDurang's HornpipeJim Herd
Vol 1218UGoing Across the SeaNoel Scott
Vol 1219UMalindyAlton Jones
Vol 1220UPoor Little Kitty PussAlton Jones
Vol 1221UFox and HoundsAlton Jones
Vol 1222UJoke on the PuppiesMelvin Lawrence
Vol 1223?Prettiest Girl in the County-OArt Galbraith
Vol 1224Starlight HornpipeLonnie Robertson
Vol 1225UUntitled HornpipeLonnie Robertson
Vol 1226ULonnie's Second HornpipeLonnie Robertson
Vol 1227UMiller's ReelLonnie Robertson
Vol 1228?WaldoH.K. Silvey
Vol 1229UTunes from HomeLacey Hartje
Vol 1230UHumansvilleJim Beeler
Vol 1231UBradberry WaltzJim Beeler
Vol 1232ULady of the LakeFred Stoneking
Vol 1233UWhen the Old Hen CackledFred Stoneking
Vol 1234ULeaving HomeFred Stoneking
Vol 1235UBuffalo GalsBill Mustain
Vol 1236USugar in the GourdBill Mustain
Vol 1237UOne-eyed GopherViolet Hensley
Vol 1238UWaltz of the VioletsViolet Hensley
Vol 1239URabbit Foot BluesRay Curbow
Vol 1240UDubuque HornpipeDean Johnson
Vol 1241UOld Ladies Picking ChickensDwight Lamb
Vol 1242UThe Crested HenDwight Lamb
Vol 1243UGive the Fiddler a DramDwight Lamb
Vol 1244UThe WoodchuckDwight Lamb
Vol 1245UPurcell's ReelDwight Lamb and Bob Walters
Vol 1246UBilly CheatemBob Walters
Vol 1247UArkansas TravelerBob and Sant Walters
Vol 1248UFox ChaseBob Walters
Vol 1249UBennett's ReelCasey Jones
Vol 1250ULady on the GreenCyril Stinnett
Vol 131UReel from Isidore SoucyJerry Holland
Vol 132UBb Tunes from Tommy DoucetJerry Holland
Vol 133UFirst Waltz from FatherJerry Holland
Vol 134UJohnny on the GreenJerry Holland
Vol 135Ronfleuse Gobeil MedleyGraham Townsend
Vol 136ULe Bonhomme et la Bonne FemmeJoe Robichaud
Vol 137Le Pied de MoutonJoe Robichaud
Vol 138ULe Reel des Montagnes BlancheJoe Robichaud
Vol 139Le Reel du PenduJoe Robichaud
Vol 1310ULa Reel de la Tuque BleueLarry and Henry Riendeau
Vol 1311UThe CultivatorGerry Robichaud
Vol 1312UOld Time JigGerry Robichaud
Vol 1313UMcDowell's/ The Slippery StickGerry Robichaud
Vol 1314UMaxim's ReelGerry Robichaud
Vol 1315UFrench MarchGerry Robichaud and Joe Cormier
Vol 1316UThe Devil in the KitchenEdmond Boudreau
Vol 1317UHarvest ExcursionFred Chapman
Vol 1318UHottentot TunesFred Chapman
Vol 1319UNorth Star and Vinton's HornpipesAubrey Chapman
Vol 1320UStonehouse Jig / Almont ReelAubrey Chapman
Vol 1321UMarchioness of Tullibardine/ Willie MacLellanAubrey Chapman
Vol 1322UDown the Burn, Davie LadStan Chapman
Vol 1323UHappy Acres Two-StepRay Hilt
Vol 1324USheguiandah BayRay Hilt
Vol 1325ULa Joie du SoldatBob Walters and Dwight Lamb
Vol 1326UPoor Girl's WaltzTheresa and Marie MacLellan
Vol 1327UHangman's ReelAlbert Hash
Vol 1328UTom Ward's DownfallPaddy Cronin
Vol 1329UTommy People's ReelPaddy Cronin
Vol 1330UPreston's ReelPaddy Cronin
Vol 1331?Dowd's #9Paddy Cronin
Vol 1332UNiagara/ Tom Marsh HornpipesTommy Doucet
Vol 1333ULord GordonTommy Doucet
Vol 1334UFirefly March/ New BedfordTommy Doucet
Vol 1335Old French ReelTommy Doucet
Vol 141UThe Boy's Lament for His DragonJoe Cormier
Vol 142USpace AvailableRannie MacLellan
Vol 143UDan R JigsJerry Holland
Vol 144UGeneral Robertson of Lawar'sTheresa Morrison
Vol 145Mr. Abel BanksJoe MacLean
Vol 146MacKinnon's BrookDonald Angus Beaton
Vol 147UDonald MacLean's Farewell to ObanJohnny MacLeod
Vol 148UCameron's Got His Wife AgainAllan MacDonald and Morgan MacQuarrie
Vol 149UCircle JigsFr. Angus Morris
Vol 1410UCalum CrubachAlex Francis MacKay
Vol 1411UCoilsfield HouseWillie Kennedy
Vol 1412UJohn MacColl's Farewell to The Scottish HorseMorgan MacQuarrie
Vol 1413UMacNeil of UigdaleGordon MacLean
Vol 1414UTom Ward's DownfallBoisdale Trio
Vol 1415UMiss Jessie SmithDonald MacLellan
Vol 1416URothiermurches RantTheresa and Marie MacLellan
Vol 1417UMrs. Grant of LagganJohn MacDougall
Vol 151UMule in the GarageJ.P. Fraley
Vol 152USquirrels and MuskiesJ.P. Fraley
Vol 153UEight Inch BassJ.P. Fraley
Vol 154UMemories of Ed HaleySnake Chapman and J.P. Fraley
Vol 155UFox ChasesBuddy Thomas
Vol 156UDick Swearington and his WifeBuddy Thomas
Vol 157UA Concert in Columbus, OhioBuddy Thomas
Vol 158USinging While We WorkedMary Lozier
Vol 159UThe Superiority of WomenAlva Greene
Vol 1510URiddlesNimrod Workman
Vol 1511UThe Three WishesSarah Gunning
Vol 1512UFool Jack and the Hired GirlSarah Gunning
Vol 1513UThe Capitalist SystemSarah Gunning
Vol 1514UMountain PrayersJim Garland
Vol 1515UThe Land of YahoeJim Garland
Vol 1516UHarry SimmsJim Garland
Vol 1517UBlack Cat StoryFields Ward
Vol 1518UJohn and the AirplaneSam Chatmon
Vol 1519UI was Born Way up High in the MountainsVan Holyoak
Vol 1520ULearning Songs from an Old Time CowboyVan Holyoak
Vol 1521UThe Sermon on SexVan Holyoak
Vol 1522UA Cowman's NightmareVan Holyoak
Vol 1523UThe Open BookGlenn Ohrlin
Vol 1524URodeo StoryGlenn Ohrlin
Vol 1525UHerding TurkeysBob Holt
Vol 1526USaddle Old SpikeFred Stoneking
Vol 1527UA Fiddle ContestFred Stoneking
Vol 1528UMeeting Bob WaltersDwight Lamb
Vol 1529UThe Dances in KenlochWillie Kennedy
Vol 1530UThe Gaelic Fiddlers of Inverness CountyDoug MacPhee
Vol 1531UMy Father Ranald MacLellanDonald MacLellan with Doug MacPhee
Vol 1532UChildhood Visits to Cape BretonJerry Holland