NAT Testimonials

This scope of this collection is on such a scale as to be completely mind-blowing. It’s hard to know what to say about it except “wow!” The preview CD gives you a window into a 15-CD survey, which in turn represents selections from a vast archive of American roots music from a consortium of collectors, across the spectrum of genres and the geographical expanse of the U.S. Some of these field recordings were previously released by Rounder, but an enormous amount of it — most of it — has not been heard except by the collectors themselves, and includes artists generally unknown outside their own communities. That the Field Recorders Collection is making this archive available to the public, for free, is just incredible! —Brad Leftwich

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this ambitious and amazing project, and thanks to FRC for bringing it to light again! Those of us who love and have been moved by old mountain music recordings and performances will be thrilled by the depth and breadth of the collection. The field recordings here give such an important window into times past that we won’t see again, and help to fill in our tapestry of uniquely American culture and sound. —Bruce Molsky

What an amazing project. I particularly enjoyed the bios of the collectors as such insight is often missing in field recording releases. Just looking through the entire track list for the various issues made my bow jump off the strings. Can’t wait to stuff it all into my ears! — Charlie Walden, fiddler & host of The Big Fiddle Show

Such a wonderful collection. Too often these rare field recordings get tucked away in library vaults, never to see the light of day. Congratulations to Mark Wilson and his team for making this amazing music available through the FRC. Fifteen volumes! Excellent sound, copious notes, and more photographs that anyone would think possible. A great project with kudos to all involved. Thank you.  — Tom Carter, musician, folklorist & historian