The Kimble and Wagoner Families – FRC106


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Marcus Taylor Kimble (1892-1979) was a unique fiddler who, with his first wife Jumille (1894-1966), had four musical children, two of whom (Doris and Ivery) appear on this recording. Taylor married banjo player Stella Wagoner in 1968; three years later Dave Spilkia and I met and spent many subsequent years visiting this wonderful couple in Laurel Fork, Virginia. Stella’s family, the Wagoners, were also musical and, with her younger sister Pearl Wagoner Richardson (born 1896), they perform some songs they learned as youngsters.

Additional Notes: The Kimble & Wagoner Families
Additional Article: Mountain Music – Ivery and Doris Kimble by Debbie K. Marshall, The Mountain Laurel, August 1985.

Track List

FRC106 – The Kimble and Wagoner

  1. Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down
  2. Walking in My Sleep
  3. Ragtime Annie
  4. Shortening Bread
  5. Going Down to Raleigh
  6. Tootem
  7. Red Mountain Wine
  8. Farewell to Thee
  9. The Baptism of Jesse Taylor
  10. Budded Roses
  11. Silver Threads and Golden Needles
  12. Sinful to Flirt
  13. Possum up a Simmons Tree
  14. Waterbound
  15. Troubles
  16. Crazy Blues
  17. Fire on the Mountain
  18. Single Girl
  19. Lyrics to Track 18
  20. Old Molly Hare
  21. Going across the Country
  22. Brady Why Didn’t You Run?
  23. Lyrics to Track 22
  24. Georgia Buck
  25. Golden Chain Tree
  26. The Fox
  27. Quit That Tickling Me
  28. Pennsylvania Rambler
  29. High Paper Collar
  30. Wild Hog in the Woods
  31. Johnny Lover (aka Tommy Love)