Harold Hausenfluck – Volume 1: The Fiddling Collection – FRC119


Blinded in infancy and a piano tuner by trade, Harold Beatty Hausenfluck was influenced on fiddle by Glenn Smith, Joe Birchfield and the recordings of John Carson.

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Harold Beatty Hausenfluck, (b.1952) blinded in infancy and piano tuner by trade, began his musical career as a young harmonica player. With his father, he toured the festivals of Southwest VA. In 1968 Harold picked up the fiddle. He was influenced by Glenn Smith, Joe Birchfield and the recordings of John Carson. Harold learned other’s styles by deftly listening for tunings and bow stroke changes. In 1969 Harold picked up the banjo and learned from Aunt Lou McCray and Glenn Smith. Harold struck up a life long relationship and recording career with Abe Horton of Fancy Gap VA. In 1984 Harold was crowned banjo champion of Galax, and in 1990 won the same honor on fiddle. Harold’s influence on his generation is profound. Hundreds have learned from his often custom made learning and demonstration tapes. Harold’s extensive recordings with Heritage Records include one man bands, recordings with the old Dixie-B-Liners, and solo banjo and fiddle pieces. In 1999 Harold suffered a stroke which ended his stringed instrument career. Wheelchair bound, one handed and blind, Harold ran an FM old-time music radio station (WHBH) for several years. As of this writing, Harold resides in an assisted living home and has, again, taken up the harmonica. – Mark C. Campbell

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Track List

FRC119 – Harold Hausenfluck, Volume 1

  1. Billy Richardson’s Last Ride (Opening Radio Theme) (1:48)
  2. Barlow Blades (2:32)
  3. Harold’s Mystery Tune (1:45)
  4. Callahan (2:10)
  5. Hop Light Ladies (3:25)
  6. Come Think on Death (1:27)
  7. Sail Away Ladies (1:47)
  8. Trouble, Trouble (from Cush Holston) (2:10)
  9. The Girl I Left Behind Me (Johnny Goodwin) (1:37)
  10. Norman Edmond’s Cotton Eyed Joe (1:47)
  11. Lost Gal in the Flatwoods (2:15)
  12. Georgia Railroad (3:25)
  13. Gabe Tucker Sayings (talk) (1:43)
  14. Build Me a Cabin (2:38)
  15. The Old Frying Pan and the Old Camp Kettle (2:15)
  16. Yew Piney Mountain (2:49)
  17. Camp Chase (2:49)
  18. Shelvin Rock (2:27)
  19. Lost Indian (3:15)
  20. Raleigh and Spencer (3:40)
  21. Bonaparte’s March into Russia (2:43)
  22. Where No Farewell Tears are Shed (2:09)
  23. Sail Away Ladies (2:01)
  24. Flatwoods (2:06)
  25. Devil in the Strawstack (1:55)
  26. Tippy Get Your Hair Cut (2:11)
  27. Greasy String (3:01)
  28. Red Rocking Chair (3:28)
  29. Sally Goodin (1:37)
  30. Harold’s Radio Outro (0:24)
  31. Billy Richardson’s Last Ride (Closing Radio Theme) (1:10)