John Hannah – FRC405


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John Hannah was born in Mingo County, West Virginia in 1920. His grandfather, Isaac, and his father, Wallace, were both fiddlers. His mother, Rebecca, played claw-hammer style banjo. John’s first instrument was the fretless banjo, which he took up at the age of six. When he began playing fiddle, he performed with his brother in a trio called The Echo Mountain Boys. Influenced by swing music styles popular at the time, they played for dances that sometimes included both square dancing and jitterbugging. Like many fiddlers of his generation, his repertoire was broad, ranging from traditional short-bow fiddle tunes on through popular country music styles and bluegrass. Through the years, John worked in the coal mines, in construction, and later as a copper finisher. He moved to Columbus, Ohio in the 1950s. These recordings were made in the mid-1980s in John’s home with Jeff Goehring accompanying him on guitar and banjo.

Track List

FRC405 – John Hannah

  1. Wild Horse
  2. North Carolina Breakdown
  3. Grey Eagle
  4. Brown’s Dream
  5. Tom and Jerry
  6. Cheatum Hoe Down
  7. Liza Jane
  8. Down in the Green Corn
  9. The Brave Volunteer
  10. Sugar in the Coffee
  11. Sourwood Mountain
  12. Fisher’s Hornpipe
  13. The Lost Indian
  14. Warfield
  15. Whistling Rufus
  16. Katy Hill
  17. Rachel (aka Texas Quickstep)
  18. Dog in the Rye straw
  19. the Lost Girl
  20. Tunes handed down in the family (talk)
  21. John Henry (banjo)
  22. Call Again (banjo)
  23. Going Home to Cindy
  24. Rebel Raid (with guitar)
  25. Rebel Raid (solo)
  26. Coming Down to Denver
  27. Sugar in the Coffee (G version)
  28. Speed the Plough
  29. Big Footed Nigger
  30. North Carolina Breakdown
  31. The Lost Girl
  32. Last Gold Dollar
  33. The Lost Indian
  34. Goodbye Liza
  35. Greenville Town (banjo)
  36. Cumberland Blues
  37. Thunder Hornpipe
  38. Fiddler’s Dream
  39. Fire on the Mountain
  40. Take Me Back to Georgia
  41. Daddy Whipped the Baby
  42. Knox Creek
  43. Hop High ladies
  44. Indian Creek
  45. Lonesome Honey
  46. Rambler’s Ride
  47. Rambler’s Ride (extra part)