Dan Tate – FRC506


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These recordings, made in the early sixties, showcase the performances of a unique performer: not just a singer, not just a banjo player, but an all-round amazing repository of folklore. Dan lived in and around Fancy Gap, Virginia all of his life, having grown up in a family for whom music was a life force. His “commercial” recording career started in recordings in the thirties by the Library of Congress’s Archive of Folk Song; their technicians were recording Fancy Gap banjoist Calvin Cole, playing “Cousin Sally Brown,” and Dan, who just happened to be passing by at the time, stuck his head in the door and sang a couple of short verses. That was his way. – Peter Hoover
Ten years after Peter recorded Dan, Dave Spilkia and I spent one afternoon with Dan after locating him close to Fancy Gap. We wish to share that afternoon with you through these recordings, bestowing a unique experience with an inimitable man whose self description to us was “Dan Tate ain’t just anybody.” – Ray Alden

Additional Article: Daniel Wyatt Tate: Singer from Fancy Gap by Michael Yates, Folk Music Journal, Vol. 4, No. 1 (1980), pp. 3-23

Track List

FRC506 – Dan Tate

  1. Jawbone
  2. Rabbit’s in the Bottom
  3. Will the Weaver
  4. The Ship That Never Returned
  5. Muck on My Heel
  6. Barbara Allen
  7. As Old as the Hills (talk)
  8. Old Grey Goose
  9. Dan’s recollections of the Sidna Allen Incident (talk)
  10. Old Sally Brown
  11. Sally Ann
  12. Wagoner Boy
  13. Time Draws Near
  14. House Carpenter
  15. Roundtown Gals
  16. Cripple Creek
  17. Naomi Wise
  18. Old Mister Rabbit
  19. Pretty Polly
  20. Old Joe Clark
  21. Sourwood Mountain
  22. Nigger and a Mule
  23. On Jordan’s Stormy Banks We Stand
  24. Who’s On the Way
  25. Old Mister Rabbit
  26. Cluck Old Hen
  27. Froggy Went A Courting
  28. Limerick (talk)
  29. Little Fisherman
  30. The Booger Boo
  31. Roustabout
  32. Step Back Cindy
  33. Root Hog or Die
  34. Walk Jaw Bone
  35. Papa, Papa Look at Kate