Craig Johnson – Deep Woods & Hollows – FRC711


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2009 was a year that shook the earth for me; unfathomable losses of my mentors, collaborators, peers, and luminaries that I met and admired, and some I wished to have met. Most shared that denominator that they left this world better than it was before them. Those of you who did not meet Craig, who was among those lost in 2009, have been cheated; those that knew him have been robbed. They knew his arresting magnetism, his sensitivity, his humor offsetting his broad wisdom, and depth that stretched out like expanding galaxies. And there was so much more to come from Craig. As for the facets of just his musical life, this CD comprises only a few drops from the clear, cool, rolling river that sometimes side-branched off into deep woods and hollows, and that always refreshed those that met him. If you are encountering Craig’s music here for the first time, prepare to be enriched, to reflect, to laugh and to sob, and to dance. As for the rest of you—rejoice in all of that as well, and in his music, here again—and remember. – Pat Conte

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Track List

Craig Johnson – Deep Woods & Hollows – FRC711

  1. Blackfoot (2:36)
  2. Going Across the Sea [from “Birdie”
    by Martin & Johnson; 5-String Productions
    5SP07001; used with permission] (3:33)
  3. Old Ball (2:07)
  4. The Whip-poor-will Song (3:02)
  5. Shout All Over God’s Heaven (2:49)
  6. Crippled Turkey (2:25)/li>
  7. Noah Built the Ark (intro) (0:53)
  8. Noah Built the Ark (2:33)
  9. Louisiana Breakdown (2:31)
  10. Wait ‘Til I Put On My Robe (2:50)
  11. Lost Love (3:42)
  12. Fire in the Jackpine (intro) (0:59)
  13. Fire in the Jackpine (Craig Johnson)
  14. North Country Tragedy (intro) (0:47)
  15. North Country Tragedy (Craig Johnson) (2:42)
  16. Warfield (2:42)
  17. M & O Blues (2:16)
  18. Vampire Women (1:05)
  19. Ring, Ring the Banjo (2:06)
  20. Taking a Bath on Saturday Night in a
    Galvanized Washing Tub (intro) (0:52)
  21. Taking a Bath on Saturday Night in a Galvanized Washing Tub (2:21)
  22. The Vance Song (2:33)
  23. Swover’s Creek (Craig Johnson) (1:57)
  24. [Untitled waltz in A] (Craig Johnson) (2:30)
  25. [Untitled tune in D] (Craig Johnson) (2:18)
  26. Don’t Let the Deal Go Down (intro) (0:38)
  27. Don’t Let the Deal Go Down (1:34)
  28. Pretty Saro (2:02)
  29. My Wife She Has Gone and Left Me (2:28)
  30. Foreign Lander (1:19)
  31. Factory Side of Town (Craig Johnson) (3:06)
  32. Goodbye to the Lowlands (Craig Johnson) (2:49)
  33. Smoky Row (1:58)
  34. Clogger Ladies (Craig Johnson) (0:43)