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Gaither Carlton (1901 – 1972) was an American Old-time fiddle player and banjo player. He is best known for his appearances accompanying his son-in-law Doc Watson during the folk music revival of the 1960s.

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From the collection of Tom Carter

Gaither Carlton was born February 3, 1901, the baby in a family of nine children. Many of them, as well as his parents and grandfather, either sang or played an instrument. But Gaither, being too shy to ask for assistance, became a self-taught musician even in childhood. He was what we would, no doubt, today deem a “prodigy.” When I was very small, having been blessed to be born into his world as his granddaughter, I would beg him to play the fiddle for me. His reply was always, “I will if you’ll dance for me.” Then he’d play “Pop Goes the Weasel” or “Fisher’s Hornpipe,” and I’d hit the floor. His gentleness and humility made a profound impression on me, as it did on many others when he began to tour as stage partner to my father (Doc Watson) during the early days of the Folk Music Revival. In a world where it seems one can rarely say it in honesty, Gaither Carlton was a good man. He didn’t drink, smoke, curse, gossip, yell, or fight. He was slow to anger. He was kind to his wife, his children, and to strangers. Grandpa was promoted to a position in God’s old-time music band in June of 1972, not too long after Tom Carter did these recordings of him. But thanks to Tom’s sensitivity and foresight and the Field Recorders Collective’s dedication, my dear sweet “Paw-Paw” sits among us once again, vividly sharing his love and beautiful spirit through the portrait of his music. What a blessing! – Nancy E. Watson

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Track List

FRC118 – Gaither Carlton 1972

  1. Sally Ann (1:33)
  2. Fisher’s Hornpipe (0:58)
  3. Jump Up Jenny (1:26)
  4. Fire on the Mountain (0:28)
  5. [untitled] (0:58)
  6. Wild Goose Chase (1:31)
  7. Wild Goose Chase [talk] (0:28)
  8. Tennessee Stud (1:31)
  9. Boil Them Cabbage Down (1:38)
  10. Camp Chase [talk] (0:40)
  11. Elzic’s Farewell (1:17)
  12. You Climb the Mountain [Yew Piney Mountain] (1:44)
  13. Fire on the Mountain (1:14)
  14. Down the Road [intro] (0:60)
  15. Down the Road (0:51)
  16. Cumberland Gap (1:59)
  17. [untitled] (0:44)
  18. Old Man, Can You Play the Banjo (0:58)
  19. Heaven Was There (1:54)
  20. Heaven Was There [talk] (0:35)
  21. You Are My Sunshine (1:05)
  22. Barbara Allen (0:58)
  23. Sugar in the Coffee-O (1:06)
  24. Sugar in the Coffee-O [talk] (0:25)
  25. I Gave My Love a Cherry (1:04)
  26. Old Davy Dugger (1:27)
  27. Fireball Mail (1:01)
  28. Rabbit in the Pea Patch (1:31)
  29. Rabbit in the Pea Patch [verses] (0:31)
  30. Pop Goes the Weasel (1:16)
  31. Sally Goodin (1:16)
  32. John Henry (1:29)
  33. Fly Around My Pretty Little Pink (1:44)
  34. Molly Hare (1:59)
  35. Wish My Bonnie Would Come (1:10)
  36. Wild Bill Jones (0:45)
  37. Fire on the Mountain/Turkey in the Straw (2:16)
  38. Log Cabin in the Lane (1:12)
  39. Wagoner’s Lad (0:55)
  40. Jack of Diamonds [Drunken Hiccups] (1:12)
  41. Bright Sunny South (1:42)
  42. Black-Eyed Susie [singing & talk] (0:47)
  43. Black-Eyed Susie (1:09