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I came to know the fiddle and banjo duo of Ralph and Clyde Troxell through my visits to Clyde Davenport when he lived in Monticello, Kentucky. The two brothers lived several miles out in the countryside in their hometown of Rocky Branch, Kentucky. Little known before the 1980s, the brothers gained some notice when they appeared around the USA with the Cumberland Music Tour, a project organized by the Southern Arts Federation. My favorite memory of the Troxell brothers was when I took them to the dinosaur room in the Museum of Natural History in NYC during one of their tours. After a time examining the skeletons, Clyde turned to me and asked; “Now, were these animals alive at the time of Christ… or a little bit afterwards?” - Ray Alden

Please Note: This DVD is encoded ONLY for REGION 1 (USA, Canada)

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Track List

FRC1003 – Clyde & Ralph Troxell

  1. Old Joe Clark
  2. Great Big Taters in a Sandy Land
  3. Big Eyed Rabbit Soup
  4. Sourwood Mountain
  5. These Old Tunes Here
  6. Fire on the Mountain
  7. Black Mountain Rag
  8. Ida Red
  9. I’ve Raised Eight Children
  10. Bill Cheatham
  11. Old Man John Henry
  12. Arkansas Traveler
  13. Knoxville Rag
  14. Sleeping Lulu
  15. Under the Double Eagle
  16. Cory Allen
  17. Carroll County Blues
  18. Jenny Cotton
  19. Sugar Betty Ann
  20. Alabama Gals
  21. Liza Jane
  22. Credits
  23. Interview with the Troxell Brothers and Clyde Davenport