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Official obituary

Remembrance written by Dave Shombert (reproduced with permission from Dave Shombert and the Old Time Herald)

County sales listing (and description) of Craig’s “Away Down the Road”:

This will be a special record for many in the old-time community, not only because the 56-year old Johnson passed away just a few weeks after this CD was released, but also because it is just a very nice recording of a warm and sensitive musician. Johnson, who was a member of various bands, (most notably the Double Decker String Band) has a wonderful collection of 22 songs & tunes here, with a good amount of variety, and he plays banjo, fiddle and guitar on different pieces. He sings in a distinctive, high pitched voice that is especially emotive on songs like LITTLE DAVID, OLD PAINT, the nostalgic NEW HARMONY and a lovely version of BONNIE BESS. There are some neat fiddle tunes, banjo pieces (with tunings supplied) and Johnson even takes a bold crack at a couple of classic blues songs, CAIRO and the haunting Skip James masterpiece, CYPRESS GROVE, and he handles these more than adequately. His notes pay tribute to the many old-time musicians who influenced him, including Virgil Anderson, Luther Davis, Kahle Brewer, Clyde Davenport etc.

Discussion thread upon news of Craig’s passing. Extensive set of tributes on

Review of “Away Down the Road” on Fiddle Hangout

CD review of “Away Down the Road” from the Old Time Herald (download or view pdf — with permission from Pete Peterson and Sarah Bryan on behalf of the Old Time Herald)

Double Decker String Band video (Craig plays fiddle)