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On many trips to Monticello, Kentucky Clyde Davenport and Clyde Troxell would take me to visit Virgil Anderson (1902-1997), whose house could only be reached by a swinging bridge over a river’s fork. Virgil had played banjo respectably enough to entertain logging camp men at age 10 while serving as water boy. Virgil also learned a great deal from African-American musicians Cuge and Cooney Bertram around Pall Mall, Tennessee. This influenced Virgil’s banjo style towards a bluesy chord technique. In 1923 Virgil married Clyde Troxell’s sister Mabel and they soon moved to their fancifully named Wildcat Rock City farm. In 1931 Virgil formed the Kentucky Wildcats with Clyde Troxell and fiddler John Sharp going to different railroad camps to perform evening musical shows. Given this close relationship, we include here four banjo pieces by Clyde Troxell – Ray Alden

Please Note: This DVD is encoded ONLY for REGION 1 (USA, Canada)

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Track List

FRC1005 -Virgil Anderson & Clyde Troxell

Clyde Troxell

  1. French Waltz
  2. Wild Bill Jones
  3. Shortening Bread
  4. Reuben’s Train

Virgil Anderson

  1. Bye Bye Blues
  2. Virgil’s F tuning
  3. I’m Leaving You Woman
  4. Poor Boy a Long Way From Home
  5. Curly Headed Baby
  6. Lonesome Pine
  7. Talk on John Sharp
  8. C flat tuning/Tune
  9. Banjo Picking Girl
  10. Good Night Waltz/Wednesday Night Waltz
  11. Rainbow Schottische
  12. Three Golden Guineas
  13. Lookout Mountain
  14. Till the Works All Done
  15. Talk Competition
  16. Frankie & Johnny
  17. Sook Pie
  18. Open G Blues
  19. Boston Burglar
  20. Banjo Style
  21. Soon You’ll Be Leaving Me
  22. Come Along Pretty Little Girl
  23. Strum Style
  24. Courtin’
  25. Baby Says Goodbye
  26. Blues Talk
  27. King Bee
  28. Ninety Days Marching through Georgia
  29. Walking in My Sleep
  30. Credits