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In July, 1987, one month after I had hired the Roan Mountain Hilltoppers to play at New York’s Clearwater Revival, I went to Shell Creek, Tennessee to visit them. Previous to this trip, the only video depiction of the Roan Mountain Hilltoppers was from British punk musician Malcolm McLaren’s 1983 “Duck Rock” project (see www.YouTube). This DVD focuses on the fun, charisma and strength of the Birchfield’s personalities and music. Included on this DVD are Joe Birchfield (fiddle), his son Bill (guitar) and his brother Creede (banjo), lacking only Bill’s wife Janice, washtub bass player with the group. Joe’s 8 siblings and his father played music, but it was Joe’s uncle Johnny who most influenced his strong “sawmill” style fiddling. – Ray Alden

Additional Notes: A 1982 Interview with Joe Birchfield

Please Note: This DVD is encoded ONLY for REGION 1 (USA, Canada)

Trailer for FRC’s Kentucky DVDs:

Track List

FRC1002 – Roan Mountain Hilltoppers

  1. Shout Lulu
  2. How’d You Learn
  3. Tempie
  4. Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow
  5. Sally Ann
  6. John Brown”s Dream
  7. Granny Rattletrap
  8. Talk about Rattletrap
  9. Train Forty-Five (from Johnny Birchfield), Talk about two trains
  10. Uncle John”s Prison Time
  11. Natchez under the Hill (sounds like Sugar in the Gourd)
  12. Sourwood Mountain
  13. Lonely Tomb (from Steve Ledford)
  14. Cluck Old Hen
  15. Sally Goodin
  16. Fiddle contest against Steve Ledford
  17. Bury me Beneath the Willow (from Pop Stoneman)
  18. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
  19. I’ll Fly Away, Will the Circle be Unbroken (Bill Birchfield, guitar,
    also talking about his playing technique)
  20. Lost John

extras: stories

  1. Plucking & a-Whooping
  2. The Old Muzzle Loader
  3. Life on the Mountain
  4. Back Playing in 1976
  5. Bean Stringing & Corn Shucking
  6. Making a Living