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John Kilby Snow was born on May 28, 1905 near Independence, Virginia. At age 3, his family moved to nearby North Carolina where his father bought him an autoharp. At the age of five he taught himself to play. At the age of six, he was blinded in his left eye by a stone chip. Despite his disability, he went on to become a leading virtuoso and innovator of the autoharp. He married his wife Lillie in 1925 and began performing on the autoharp in live shows and on radio throughout the South. In the late 1950s Kilby moved north and by the early 1960s was living in Nottingham, PA. Kilby became friendly with Mike Hudak, who was one of the co-founders of the Brandywine Friends of Old Time Music. Mike became his protege, and the two would perform together regularly. Kilby and Mike became regular performers at the Brandywine Mountain Music Convention, from which these songs and tunes are taken.

Additional Notes: Kilby Snow and His Influential Music Style

Track List

FRC205 – Kilby Snow

  1. Intro
  2. Rain and Snow is Falling
  3. John Henry
  4. The Gambler’s Confession
  5. Cackling Hen
  6. Careless Love
  7. Wildwood Flower
  8. East Virginia
  9. Autoharp Chimes
  10. This World Wont Stand for Long
  11. You Are My Flower
  12. Yakety Sax
  13. Down Yonder
  14. My Consciences is Clear
  15. Galax Rag
  16. The Ages Roll On
  17. Under the Double Eagle
  18. No Hiding Place
  19. Reuben
  20. The Wind and Rain
  21. Sunny Side of the Mountain
  22. See You When Your Troubles Just Like Mine
  23. My Friends Gonna be Strangers
  24. Little Maggie
  25. Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow
  26. Lonesome, Lonely, Too
  27. Deep Ellum Blues
  28. Old Time Cindy
  29. Knoxville Girl w/Raymond Melton
  30. May I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight Mister
  31. White House Blues w/Melton
  32. Chinese Breakdown