Jimmy Wheeler – FRC401


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These recordings feature Jimmy Wheeler on fiddle and Jeff Goehring on guitar, and were made at Jimmy’s home in Portsmouth, Ohio in the mid 1980s when Jimmy was in his late 60s. Jimmy’s fiddling was typical of a very articulate, melodic style prevalent in northern Kentucky and southern Ohio. Some of the older fiddlers Jimmy mentioned as influences were his father Jim Wheeler, Jesse Large, Asa Neal, Forrest Pick, Morris Allen, and Freddy Edwards. Jimmy worked as a stringed-instrument repairman and as a musician, performing fiddle for dances, and guitar and bass for more popular music at local clubs. He also played guitar with Forrest Pick on fiddle for many years as “the Personality Boys” on radio station WPAY in Portsmouth.

Additional Notes: Jimmy Wheeler and First Recording Session with Jimmy Wheeler

Track List

FRC401 – Jimmy Wheeler

  1. Going Back to Old Kentucky (2:16)

  2. No Name Polka (2:29)
  3. Cauliflower (2:21)
  4. The Joys of Quebec (1:58)
  5. Yellow Barber (2:13)
  6. Dover (2:07)
  7. Martha Campbell (1:37)
  8. Six White Horses (2:28)
  9. Turkey in the Pea Patch (2:29)
  10. Blind Steer in the Mudhole (1:28)
  11. Brown Button Shoes (1:58)
  12. Big Indian Hornpipe (2:32)
  13. Portsmouth Airs (1:56)
  14. Soap Suds Over the Fence (2:21)
  15. F Key Theme (Rag) (2:11)
  16. Stonewall Jackson (2:23)
  17. Liberty (1:41)
  18. Dad’s Tune (2:34)
  19. Raggedy Ann (2:28)
  20. Mississippi Sawyer (2:14)
  21. Golden Star Hornpipe (2:27)