Early Upchurch, Gospel Voice of Mount Airy, NC – FRC725


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There’s something special about Early Upchurch (April 22, 1925-January 1, 1990) – the gospel voice of Mount Airy, North Carolina. I remember dropping down the needle one afternoon at WPAQ during the Surry Spotlight and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. That pure voice so reminiscent of Roy Acuff went right straight to my heart. He had regular radio programs on WPAQ, WBOB, and WSYD with a notable list of guests including Bill Monroe and Carl Story, and traveled this country playing good ol’ gospel. I immediately made it my mission to find copies of every known recording of Early Upchurch, and with the help of his daughter Kathy, and son Bobby, we’ve done just that. We hope you’ll enjoy these selections from his ARC recordings and radio shows, and are thrilled and delighted that the Field Recorders Collective is helping get his great music out to the world to be heard once again. – Ivy S. Sheppard

Track List

Early Upchurch, Gospel Voice of Mount Airy, NC – FRC725

  1. It’s Alright (2:07)
  2. Angels Rock Me To Sleep (2:12)
  3. Lord, What a Morning (2:32)
  4. The Sorrow of a Sinner (2:19)
  5. Won’t That Be a Time (2:01)
  6. Phone Call To Heaven (2:42)
  7. I Am Ready To Go (2:56)
  8. Deliverance Will Come (3:24)
  9. I Know My Lord (2:11)
  10. Remember Me (2:15)
  11. Where The Shades of Love Lie Deep (3:23)
  12. It Won’t Be Long (2:27)
  13. He’s Coming Back (2:10)
  14. Paul’s Ministry (3:23)
  15. I’m Getting Ready To Go (1:45)
  16. He’ll Part the Water (2:31)
  17. God Laid His Hand On My Heart (2:35)
  18. I’m Going to Tag Along (With Jesus) (2:27)
  19. Nebekenezar (1:55)
  20. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (3:07)
  21. We Need More Power in the Pulpit (2:57)
  22. Sinner’s Dream (2:31)
  23. Going To That Tent (2:29)
  24. I Want To Be a Blessing (2:04)
  25. Will You Meet Me Over Yonder (1:59)
  26. Golden Slippers (1:44)
  27. Cross of Redemption (2:06)
  28. Humble Prayer (2:33)
  29. Great Speckled Bird (2:45)
  30. Except These Days Be Shortened (2:28)