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Clyde Davenport (1921- ) was raised on a mountain farm near the Tennessee line around Mt. Pisgah, the son of William Davenport and Lucy Boston Davenport. Both Clyde’s grandfather, Francis Davenport, and his father, Will, played fiddle. Clyde played clawhammer-style banjo at home for his own amusement, and learned most of his fiddle tunes from old men born before the Civil War. As a youngster, on many weekends he would walk many miles into town to hear Dick Burnett and Leonard Rutherford play fiddle and banjo on the Monticello courthouse steps. Although neither his father nor anyone else showed him how to play, he was a careful observer and always endeavored to get a clear tone and a smooth fiddle sound. – Ray Alden

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Track List

FRC1004 – Clyde Davenport

  1. Riddledee-Riddledee
  2. Bowling Green
  3. Sally Ann
  4. Drunken Hiccups
  5. Sook Pie
  6. Shortening Bread
  7. Willy Moore
  8. Puncheon Camp
  9. Five Miles to Town
  10. Turkey Creek
  11. Billy in the Low Ground
  12. Hot Corn Cold Corn
  13. Old Johnny Booger
  14. Little Darling Pal of Mine
  15. Big Eyed Rabbit
  16. Banjo Style Talk & Ladies on the Steamboat
  17. Cumberland Gap
  18. Stony Point
  19. Shortening Bread
  20. The Blind Girl
  21. Cold Creek March
  22. The Rolling Mill is Burning Down
  23. Cold Creek March (alternate)
  24. Family & Music
  25. Kitty Puss
  26. Flatwoods
  27. Cuckoos Nest
  28. GDGD Tuning
  29. Getting Up the Stairs
  30. Black Mountain Rag
  31. Shortening Bread
  32. Sally in the Garden (Hog Eyed Man)
  33. Old Time Drunken Hiccups
  34. Ladies in the Ballroom
  35. Johnny Come Along
  36. Dandy Jim
  37. Ladies on the Steamboat
  38. Wink the Other Eye
  39. Old Buzzard
  40. Flat Footed Henry
  41. Rocky Road to Dublin
  42. Callahan
  43. Sandy Land
  44. Sugar in the Gourd
  45. Jenny in the Cotton Patch
  46. Black Snake Bit Me on the Toe
  47. Zollie’s Retreat
  48. Bonaparte’s Retreat
  49. Billy in the Lowground
  50. Cornstalk Fiddle and a Shoestring Bow
  51. Root Hog or Die
  52. Meaning of Life
  53. Credits