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Lynn “Chirps” Smith was born and raised in downstate Illinois. As a young man, he played with the Indian Creek Delta Boys (FRC607) and learned fiddle tunes directly from old-timers, including Harvey “Pappy” Taylor and Noah Beavers. This homemade music was transported to the Midwest by homesteaders who, bringing their fiddle tunes with them, multiplied them by learning new ones from their neighbors. Chirps became a regular player at Chicago Barn Dance Company’s dances after moving to Chicago in 1978. Since 1985, he has played lead fiddle in the Volo Bogtrotters string band and currently plays in the New Bad Habits. These recordings are selected from five CDs of Chirps’ home recordings.

Additional Notes: Rambling Reminisces of How I Came to Play Old-Time Music

Track List

FRC608 – Chirps Smith – Illinois Old Time Fiddler</strong

  1. Old Red Barn (1:17) From Alan Woodard
  2. Doc Corn’s Tune (1:52) Fiddle/Banjo Source: John Ray “Doc” Corn
  3. Shades of Death Creek (1:24) By Lynn “Chirps” Smith
  4. Safe Harbor Rag (1:59) From Mark Sewell
  5. Straw Bonnet (2:01) From Harvey “Pappy” Taylor Jake’s Best Reel (2:03
    From Dwight Lamb
  6. Little Daisy (2:47) From Chris Petrakos, Don Pedi & Bruce Greene
  7. Old 22 (2:42) From Paul Tyler Via 1926 Fort Wayne, In Tune Book
  8. Week Before Christmas (2:39) By Lynn “Chirps” Smith
  9. Brian O’ Lynn (2:40) From Belhavel Trio
  10. Greasy Coat (2:42) Banjo Source: Various
  11. Root Hog Or Die (2:39) From Bill Mansfield
  12. Zack Wheat’s Piece (2:32) From Charlie Walden & Others
  13. Jump Fingers (2:27) From Bob Walters
  14. Tite’s Old Shawneetown (2:05) From Byford Tite
  15. Dog Treed A Possum Up The White Oak Tree (2:57) From Bill Rintz &
    Ivan Dodge
  16. Sourwood Mountain (2:29) From Frank Proffitt & Others
  17. Red River Jig (2:53) From Arthur Joseph Boulay
  18. The Cat In The Cobbler Shop (2:53) From Elvin Louveau
  19. Making Hay (2:26) From Harvey “Pappy” Taylor Shabroc (2:56) From Bill
  20. Old Reunion (2:35) From Nile Wilson
  21. Sweet Bundy (2:56) From Lotus Dickey
  22. Forty Miles From Georgetown Without Any Whiskey (2:32) From Ben Woods
  23. Buffalo Gals (3:13) From John Hatcher
  24. Chapel Hill Serenade (2:51) From Emmett Lundy & Alan Jabbour
  25. Citaco (2:44) From Swamp Rooters
  26. Lonesome Prairie (3:16) By Lynn “Chirps” Smith