Band in Transition – FRC102



This CD concentrates on the band rather than the individual and addresses what happened to the sound of one of old time music’s great modern bands when certain members left and others joined. Benton Flippen joined North Carolina’s Camp Creek Boys in the late 1960s and shortly after formed his own band, the Smokey Valley Boys, circa 1971. Although Paul Sutphin endowed both bands with his strong vocal lead, the new banjo and mandolin players, along with Benton’s leadership on fiddle, changed the sound. Finally, the last six tracks hint at what the Camp Creeks Boys would have sounded like if Tommy Jarrell had joined the band.

Track List

FRC102 – Band in Transition

Camp Creek Boys: Benton Flippen (fiddle), Kyle Creed (banjo), Paul Sutphin
(vocals) and Ronald Collins (guitars), Verlin Clifton (mandolin). Recorded
by Ray Alden at the 1970 Galax Fiddler’s Convention.

  1. June Apple (2:08)

  2. Let Me Fall (2:25)
  3. John Hardy (1:39)
  4. Liberty (2:11)
  5. Fortune (2:05)
  6. Sally Ann (1:42)

Smokey Valley Boys: Benton Flippen (fiddle), Gilmer Woodruff (banjo),
Paul Sutphin (vocals) and Larry Flippen (guitars), Hoyle Jones (mandolin
& vocals). Recorded at Tommy Jarrell’s New Year’s Eve Party 1971 by Ray
Alden. 7 Gold Rush (2:14)

  1. Grey Eagle (2:11)
  2. Durham’s Bull (2:46)
  3. Susanna Gal (3:44)
  4. Lost Indian (2:01)
  5. John Hardy (2:15)
  6. Liberty (2:06)
  7. Benton’s Dream (2:58) (Benton Flippen, BMI)
  8. Lonesome Road Blues (5:11)
  9. Bile Them Cabbage Down (2:28)
  10. Whoa Mule (1:12)
  11. Richmond (2:27)
  12. Meet Me Tonight (2:40)
  13. Sally Ann (3:43)
  14. Florida Blues (2:08)
  15. Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes (2:33) (Kyle Creed, banjo)

Tommy Jarrell with Kyle Creed (banjo), Paul Sutphin, Mac Snow, Norris
Jarrell, Benton Flippen (guitars), Earnest East (Fiddle). Recorded at
Tommy Jarrell’s New Year’s Eve Party 1971 by Ray Alden. 23 Reuben (3:49)

  1. Cluck Old Hen (2:35)
  2. Katy Kline (3:05)
  3. Let Me Fall (1:17)
  4. John Brown’s Dream (2:39)
  5. Big Eyed Rabbit (2:59)