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Born in 1914 in Gallia, Lawrence County, near the Ohio River in southern Ohio, Arnold earned his living as a dairy farmer near Jackson, Ohio. His grandfather, “Fiddling Andy” Sharp, came to Lawrence County from England in the mid-19th century. Arnold’s father, George Sharp, was also a dance fiddler as well as an accordion and fife player. Arnold also had 8 uncles and three brothers who played the fiddle. Arnold was a contemporary of fiddler Jimmy Wheeler of nearby Portsmouth, Ohio (FRC401) and grew up surrounded by many of the same southern Ohio and Kentucky fiddlers, including Asa Neal, Jess Large, and Forest Pick. Arnold’s style and repertoire differ from Wheeler’s, with more emphasis on rhythmic dance tunes, perhaps a result of strong family musical traditions. A couple of the tunes Arnold remembered coming from his family include “Hound Chase” (in AEAC# tuning), and Fine Times at Our House. These recordings were made at Arnold’s home in Oak Hill when Arnold was in his late 60s. Jeff Goehring accompanies him on guitar.

Track List

FRC406 – Arnold Sharp

  1. German Waltz
  2. Old Man Tomlinson (talk)
  3. Paddy on the Handcar (aka Fine Times at our House)
  4. Anna Hayes
  5. Billy in the Lowground
  6. Family’s Buckskin Band (talk)
  7. Duck’s Eyeball
  8. If you weren’t a big eater (talk)
  9. Grey Eagle Hornpipe
  10. Sharp’s Cold Frosty Morning
  11. Hound Chase (aka Fox Chase)
  12. Wild Horse
  13. Screech Owl
  14. Leather Britches
  15. Hoover Times (talk)
  16. Birdie
  17. Sharp’s Alabama Gals
  18. Old Uncle Natty
  19. Too Young to Marry (aka Love Somebody)
  20. Wagoner
  21. Jess Large’s Going Back to Pine Creek
  22. Trouble in the Barnyard
  23. Fun’s All Over
  24. Cumberland Gap
  25. Arkansas Traveler
  26. An old Fiddler came to the Oak Hill Theater (talk)
  27. Walking in my Sleep
  28. Mississippi Sawyer
  29. Forked Deer