FRC607– Indian Creek Delta Boys–(From the collection of Ray Alden) 

Indian Creek Delta Boys – FRC607

Proclaimed the “Official Traditional Illinois Old-Time String Band” by the state’s 82nd General Assembly, the Indian Creek Delta Boys of Charleston, Illinois were active from the 1970s through the 1990s. The band’s backbone was formed by brothers Garry and Steve Harrison. Garry began fiddle at age 16 with instruction from his father Cliff while Terry, […]

FRC608– Chirps Smith –(From the home recordings of Chirps Smith) 

Chirps Smith – FRC608

Lynn “Chirps” Smith was born and raised in downstate Illinois. As a young man, he played with the Indian Creek Delta Boys (FRC607) and learned fiddle tunes directly from old-timers, including Harvey “Pappy” Taylor and Noah Beavers. This homemade music was transported to the Midwest by homesteaders who, bringing their fiddle tunes with them, multiplied […]

Ray Alden

Excerpts from the November 2003 Banjo Newsletter interview with Ray Alden BN: Did you grow up with Appalachian music? RA: Mountain music wasn’t exactly the rage with the southern Italians from my Bronx neighborhood.  Do-wop was the music I grew up with.  Just ahead of me in school were Dion and the Belmonts.  A guy […]