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FRC Store Index

Here is a list of all our CDs and DVDs. Follow each link to get more information and track lists and sound files.

Our most recent issues can be all found on this page. Other CDs and DVDs are organized by year of issues but you can find individual issues on this index page. Please follow the links to our 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013 and Other Label CDs. Ordering information is below and on all other store pages.


FRC706 Howard Miller - Sixty Years of North Carolina Fiddling
FRC707 Albert Hash, Volume 2
FRC708 Lee Stoneking - Missouri Fiddling and Banjo Playing
FRC709 Rector Hicks - Sugar in the Morning

2013 CDs

FRC700 The Hellbenders
FRC701 Sherman Hammons
FRC702 Harold Hausenfluck, Vol. 2 - Banjo Workshop
FRC703 Jerry Lundy with Hilrary Dirlam
FRC704 Calvin Cole - Fancy Gap Banjo
FRC705 Parley Parsons - Old Galax Fiddling

Our Full Catalog
FRC101 Fred Cockerham
FRC102 Band in Transition (Round Peak bands)
FRC103 Clyde Davenport Vol. 1
FRC104 Clyde Davenport Vol. 2
FRC105 Lee Sexton
FRC106 Kimble & Wagoner Families
FRC107 Esker Hutchins
FRC108 John Ashby and the Free State Ramblers
FRC109 Round Peak Vol. 1
FRC110 Round Peak Vol. 2
FRC111 Balfa Brothers & Nathan Abshire
FRC112 Shelor Blackard Family
FRC113 Obray Ramsey – Byard Ray
FRC114 Union Grove 1969
FRC115 Ray’s Dream
FRC116 Reverend Gary Davis
FRC117 Jont Blevins
FRC118 Gaither Carlton
FRC119 Harold Hausenfluck –Volume 1: The Fiddling Collection
FRC120 Vernon Riddle – Old-Time Texas Style Fiddle

FRC201 Roan Mountain Hilltoppers
FRC202 WV Musicians of Clay & Calhoun Counties
FRC203 Ola Belle Reed
FRC204 Ernie Carpenter
FRC205 Kilby Snow
FRC206 Simon St. Pierre
FRC207 Dewey Balfa
FRC208 Dixie Hummingbirds
FRC209 Dink Roberts
FRC211 Tommy Jarrel (with Paul Brown & Mike Seeger) Volume 1
FRC212 Tommy Jarrell (with Paul Brown & Mike Seeger) Volume 2

FRC301 Norman Edmonds Vol. 1
FRC302 Norman Edmonds Vol. 2
FRC303 Buddy Thomas
FRC304 Banjo Bill Cornett
FRC305 Dock Boggs
FRC306 Corbett Stamper
FRC307 Ross County Farmers
FRC308 Dennis McGee & Sady Courville
FRC309 Galax Gems
FRC310 John Summers
FRC312 Dock Boggs 1966
FRC313 Walter Babson

FRC401 Jimmy Wheeler
FRC402 Ward Jarvis
FRC403 Lonnie Seymour
FRC404 Cecil Plum
FRC405 John Hannah
FRC406 Arnold Sharp
FRC407 Frank George
FRC408 Aunt Jenny Wilson
FRC409 Texas Fiddle Bands
FRC410 P.T. Bell
FRC411 Albert Hash
FRC412 Fiddling Van Kidwell

FRC501 Uncle Charlie Higgins, Wade Ward & Dale Poe
FRC502 Marcus Martin
FRC503 Santford Kelly
FRC504 Sidna & Fulton Meyers
FRC505 Manco Sneed, Byard Ray & Mike Rogers
FRC506 Dan Tate
FRC507 Wade Ward
FRC508 Heywood Blevins
FRC509 Addie Leffew- Claude Wolfenbarger

The “Young Musician” CD Series
FRC601 Jeff Goehring
FRC602 The Horse Flies
FRC603 The Chicken Chokers
FRC604 The Hurricane Ridgerunners
FRC605 The Renegades
FRC606 The Plank Road String Band
FRC607 The Indian Creek Delta Boys
FRC608 Chirps Smith
FRC609 Berkeley in the 1960s
FRC610 The Nee Ningy Band

FRC1002 Roan Mt Hilltoppers
FRC1003 Clyde & Ralph Troxell
FRC1004 Clyde Davenport
FRC1005 Virgil Anderson

CDs on Other Labels
CD1011 The Humdingers
CD1005 The World In Our Backyard
CD1006 The Brandywine Mountain Music Convention
CD1001 The Appalachian String Band Music Festival Clifftop WV
CD1008 MountAiry.USA
5SP05001 The Southern Schoolhouse Rascals

Ordering information

US orders will have $4.95 added for shipping via standard US mail and international packages will have $7.95 added for shipping via USPS 1st Class International.

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